The Plan

The blog might not indicate it, but I've been super busy. Between gigs and recording sessions with the Big Payback, Driveway Thriftdwellers, Charlie Painter and Friends, Five Points, and Beefus, I've had a pretty full schedule. Not to mention teaching, writing, and preparing for an upcoming adventure:

One week from today, I will be leaving to raft the Alsek river in Canada and Alaska. This will be a 2-week journey through a wilderness of glaciers and mountains. I can't quite bring myself to believe that I'll be seeing views like the one above in about a week!

When I return, I will be in writing/recording mode. I plan to have another acoustic EP released in August or September as a follow-up to Raven Steals the Moon. I already have one new song completely written and another well on the way. I'm hoping that some of the grandeur of the Alsek river seeps into my new material as well. 

That's the plan anyway. You'll be hearing more music from me quite soon!