The Bleak, Barbarian Pines

Fall is upon us!

I really can't complain right now because after a sudden cold spell last week, the weather has warmed up beautifully. I've been busy at work on my new collection of songs, but not too busy to ignore the soft afternoon sunlight and the early stages of yellow on the trees.

Speaking of trees, the title of my upcoming EP is The Bleak, Barbarian Pines. It's a phrase from a Robert Service poem. I have been working day and night on the thing, and I must say it's starting to sound pretty good. As I mentioned earlier, one song ("The Spell of the Yukon") is pretty much finished. The other 4 tracks are in good shape. A couple of them still need some backing vocals, but I should be able to knock those out in a few days. After that, I put on my mixing hat and try to coax the best sounds out of each of them. 

I'd say the new material is similar in tone and instrumentation to Raven Steals the Moon, though maybe a little more somber. It feels appropriate that Raven Steals the Moon was released in the spring and The Bleak, Barbarian Pines will be released in the autumn. 

With only 12 days left in September, it will be a chore to get it done by the end of the month. But I still think I can do it. And if not, it will be released in early October. It's not like I have a record label setting the deadlines, after all. 

I am also going to be performing some of this acoustic material very soon. Solo at first, and then we'll see how it goes from there. I'll keep you informed! 

Back to work!