The artist behind "Audrianna"

I've finally met the artist who inspired me to write "Audrianna!"

Those of you who have seen one of my solo shows have probably heard the story of the song that was based on a painting I saw at Art Fair on the Square. In a blog post I wrote last year, I had this to say about it:
"One painting immediately drew my eye. It depicted several children flying through the sky on a magic carpet. One girl stood bravely at the "bow" of the carpet, apparently navigating through the ethereal landscape. The image stuck in my mind, and inspired my new song's protagonist a few days later. If I would have known the painting would spark a song, I would have remembered the artist's name. As it is, I have only my memory of the image. Thank you, anonymous collaborator!"

Well, Elizabeth and I went back to the Art Fair on the Square this year with the hope of finding this person. Not every artist comes back every year, and we were starting to lose hope after our initial sweep of the exhibits. But when we were about to give up, we came across a booth with a familiar style. We were in luck! 

It turns out that "anonymous collaborator" is actually Sarah Kaufman, a wonderfully talented painter from Nashville, Tennessee. We asked her about the painting in question. It had been sold to some lucky soul, but it was printed in a children's book Sarah had recently published. 
That's it on the left page. The children are actually on a flying leaf, but my memory had turned it into a magic carpet. 

As if it wasn't enough to inspire a song, Sarah generously gave me a copy of her children's book, The Circus. I will treasure it! She has several images up on her website here. I recommend you check it out.

Thanks for the inspiration and the book, Sarah! I'll keep an eye out for you at future art fairs.