Kyle's studio diary pt. 1

Hi there,

Kyle here. The Big Payback enters Blast House Studios today to begin work on our second album! I'm trying to keep something like a studio diary as we go, so keep checking this blog.

I started today feeling pretty prepared for the sessions. Definitely more prepared than last time. I'm sure there's still plenty of time for things to go wrong, but right now it seems like we have a chance at some smooth sailing. I got my guitars all re-strung and prettied up, and I've made sure every other piece of gear is working properly. I've been practicing the songs, working on sounds, programming pedals, deciding on tempos, and generally just immersing myself in the tunes.

I'm even pulling out this old guy for the wacky pitch bending part in 'Greenblood'

The songs on the album this time around are all mine, with the exception of one cover tune that I arranged. The first of the original songs, "Friday Night Phase," was completed over 5 years ago. I actually remember finishing it up while we were recording Overture. It's been very interesting going over the songs I've written for the band in the last 5 years. They almost play out like a diary, and my life has had some twists and turns and ups and downs. The moods and subject materials comprise a very mixed bag. 

I'm really excited to get started on this project. I love being in the studio- it feels like my most natural habitat. Even when the hours start stretching longer and longer at the end of a session, I usually seem to have a good time.

Oh, I am also going into this session armed with video cameras! Well, Elizabeth will take care of most of the filming. But on the days that she can't be there (like today), I'll get a chance to try out my own budding skills as a documentarian. Ok, "budding skills" might be a stretch, but I do know how to turn the camera on and how to zoom in. That's gotta count for something!

Stay tuned for more!