Recording continues!

August was a bit of a crazy month. The move and the busy gigging schedule made the recording take a back seat for a few weeks, but now I'm back on track!

I'm getting settled into the new place and I've got my music studio looking pretty slick. It's a very comfortable and spacious room, but the hardwood floor creates some acoustical problems. I'm looking into studio foam and bass trap options for the long run, but I'm finding that improvised solutions are working for now. Today I created a makeshift vocal booth in the closet. My girlfriend's winter wardrobe is actually pretty effective in sound absorption!

The new digs

I've decided to put one song in the express lane and get it (nearly) completed before fleshing out the others. The lucky song is called "The Spell of the Yukon," and I should have a rough mix done by tomorrow. It will probably be the lead-off track for the EP. This song is a first for me- instead of writing lyrics myself, I took existing poetry and set it to music. I repeatedly ran into the words of Robert Service earlier this summer on my rafting trip in Canada, and his flow and rhyme scheme seemed to suggest music. Working on this tune has been a fun way to commemorate the experience. 

I still fully intend to have the EP completed in September. Hold me to that!