Tomorrow is a big day! My girlfriend and I begin moving into our new place, and I begin recording my second solo EP!

The packing is too tedious to blog about, but I'll keep you updated about my progress on the EP. I'll be renting an SM81 condenser microphone to get good acoustic guitar sounds and recording some basic rhythm tracks. I have 5 songs (mostly) completed. I'm still working out an ending for "Audrianna," but hey, I'll figure it out, right? I sure hope so.

I got the rattling problem in my guitar fixed, so it's all good to go. It turns out it was a loose bracing. I also picked up this handy little book to assist me in my unskilled mandolin playing:

Ahh those were the days. Sitting about in the parlor, strumming mandolins and growing mustaches. 

Goodnight, everybody.