Hi there, friends!

Things are quickly falling into place for my next acoustic solo EP. In fact, I just finished writing a second verse to a song called "Audrianna." It's shaping up to be a light, poppy little song with a feel-good chorus. It was inspired by a painting I saw weeks ago at Madison's Art Fair on the Square. I don't know the name of the artist, but thanks for the idea!

In addition to "Audrianna," I have four other songs written and ready to go. However, something in the headstock of my acoustic guitar is buzzing on certain notes, and I'm going to have to resolve that before I can record. I'll take it into a shop tomorrow and pray that it's a quick and simple fix. I'd really like to be recording basic guitar tracks by Friday.

Now, back to writing lyrics. Hello, thesaurus! Hello, rhyming dictionary!